Perhaps you find yourself in a position that a large stereo system is less than appropriate. Share a wall with some dumb baby? An old Italian lady downstairs taking a broom to the ceiling? Is it for sure a broom? Truthfully you’ll never know. Regardless what the blunt object is, take it as a sign that you are perhaps better suited for a quality set of headphones. This is excellent news. They’ll present your music with perfect acoustics, less background noise and a stereophonic sound experience that was once reserved for only kings and international super models.

Sadly you’ll find today’s market is a garbage dump full of rabid animals. Musician advocated expensive nonsense from a company who makes over priced cable wire and surge protectors have become unbelievably popular. 

I believe in buying headphones from a company who specializes in actually making audio equipment. I don’t buy my produce from the hat salesman! He has weird sweaty hands and I find him genuinely disturbing company. 

Personally I use a pair of Grado headphones. I have never experienced such a quality of sound as I have with my RS2i’s. (This is where people toss around a lot of descriptive nonsense regarding the sound, such as the crisp warm highs and subtle tone retention in the mids with a lower end that never completely bottoms out. All of it is true.)

There’s even more to them than the perfect sound quality. Putting them on, you instantly appreciate their build quality. They have a timeless style and a design that fits your head perfectly. Being made of mahogany, if the threat of beaver or woodpecker attacks concern you rest assured such things are very rare.  

Should you find yourself tempted to invest in whichever celebrity endorsed, neon back-lit, turbo bass headphones please consider a pair of Grados instead.

Neil Wysocki

Photography: Neil Wysocki